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Luis Borba MD PRESENTED IN RUSSIA…..MAY 20/2022…….: from Federal Center of Neurosurgery, 4 presentations on “Craniopharyngiomas”


3 pm Tyumen time, 6 am EST, NOON CET, 3:30 pm IST, 6 pm CHINA, 7 PM JAPAN

¬†with the theme, “Craniopharyngiomas”

Directed by Albert Sufianov MD, head of the Federal Center of Neurosurgery, in Tyumen, Russia and Luis Borba MD, of Brazil, head of the Education Committee of the WFNS.

There will be 4 presentations:

1. Luiz Felipe de Alencastro
“Microsurgical Anatomy Related to Craniopharyngioma”
2. Shlomi Constantini
“The Debate on Pediatric Craniopharyngioma”
3. Luis Borba
“Craniopharyngiomas: Multiple Approaches”
4. Albert Sufianov
Exo- and Endoscopic Surgery for Cranyopharyngiomas 3D 4K




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