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Live Stream Recordings of Madrid NeuroInterventional Radiology Conference: January 13, 14 2017

Neurosurgical.TV live streamed  a Conference from San Carlos Clinic in Madrid, on January 13,14, 2017 on “Frontiers in Neuro-interventional-Radiology”, !
Here follows the recordings:


Professor Willen Jan Van Rooij

BWEB Treatment for Ruptured Aneursym

Rob Abrams

CEO and Biomedical Engineer in Pulsar Vascular (Codman)

“Pulse Rider: An Innovative device for Wide Nect Bifurcatin Aneurysms”

Professor Ricardo Hanel
“Medical Device for Embolization of Complex Aneursyms”

Professor Naci Kocer

“Blister Aneurysms and Endovascular Treatment Options”

Murtagh Murphy: Senior Director RD

Stryker NX

“Stroke Solutions”

Professor Mahmood Mirza

“An In Vitro Analysis of Clot Properties and their Significance in Mechanical Thrombectomy”

Professor Itsvan Hudak

“Endovascular Treatment of Wide Neck and Fusiform Without Support Devices, Natural Bypass”

Prof.Italo Linfante

“Barrel Stent in Wide Neck Bifurcation Aneurysms”

Prof Isil Saatci

“Flow Divertors for the treatment of Complex MCA Bifurcation Aneurysms: Continuation of the Debate”

Prof. Hans Henkes

“Spectrum and Frequency of Complications Related to the Use of Flow Diverters”

Prof. Demetrius Lopes

“Endotheliazation Process in Stents with and Without Surface Modification”

Prof. Civan Islak

“Flow Treatment of Posterior Circulation Aneurysms”


Professor Yahusi Matsumoto

“Embolization of the Choroidal Artery in the Treatment of Cerebral Arterovenous Malformations”

Prof. Shakir Husain

“Understanding Angioarchitecture of Brain AVMs in Determining Goal of Endovascular Embolization”

Prof. Sergio Vargas

“The Endovascular Management of Penetrating Head and Neck Vascular Injuries”

Dr. Paolo Zamboni

“Magistral Conference”

Dr. Nikolai Grabrovsky

“The Circle of Willis and it Perforating Branches: History, Anatomy, Perspectives”

Prof. Majaz Moonis

Stroke Prevention in 2016: Thoughts and Update

Prof. Luis Ibor-Lopez

“Dam-Beaver Technique for Embolization of Brain AVMs”

Prof. Luis-Ibor Lopez

“Chronic Diffuse ATM after Cobalt Radiotherapy: Two Cases: Analysis and Embolization”

Prof. Kita Sallabanda

“Radiosurgery of Brain Stem and Deep Brain AVMs”

Prof Italo Linfante

“Endovascular Thrombectomy in Acute Stroke: Moving Forward”

Prof. Istvan Hudak

“Embolization of AVMs: Arterio-venous Approach”

Prof. Hans Henke

“Thrombectomy of Small Intracranial Arteries”

Demetrius Lopes MD

“Stroke Alert: Optimization of Stroke Response Session”

Prof. Dae Chul Suh

“Stenting of Large Vessel Disease According to the Stroke Mechanisms”

Prof. Dae Chul Suh

“Embolization of a Cavernous Sinus DAVF 3”

Prof. A. Higazi

“Inhibition of Endogenous Plasminogen Activators Prevents the Expansion of Intracerebral Hemorrhage”

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