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Live Stream of India Neurosurgical Workshop, “Advances in Craniosynostosis Surgeries” Day 2

Pediatric Neurosurgery Operative Workshop : Advances in Craniosynostosis Surgeries



Occurred January 19, 20j, 2017 in New DelhiĀ 


Pediatric Neurosurgery Operative Workshop : Advances in Craniosynostosis Surgeries Venue : Conference hall, JL Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi, India th 20 January 2017

Teleconference from UK 8:30-9:00 hrs

Case discussion Teleconference from USA on Advances in Craniosynostosis Surgery 11:00hrs Onwards (Live transmission from 3 Operative Rooms) :

Single sutural / No syndromic Craniosynostosis) 11:30-12:00 hrs Lefort 3 Osteotomies / Midface distraction in Craniosynostosis : Ajoy Roy Chaudhary

09:00-09 30 hrs Sagittal craniosynostosis : evolution of its treatment : Sandeep Sood, USA

09:30-10:00 hrs Endoscopic correction of Craniosynostosis, Samer Elbabaa, USA

10:00-10:22 hrs Anterior approach in syndromic craniosynostosis : Sanjiv Bhatia, USA

10:22-10:45 hrs Posterior advancements in syndromic Craniosynostosis : Chad Perlyn, USA

10:45-11:15 hrs Surgical correction of Oxycephaly : B Chidambaram

12:30-13:00 hrs Teleconference: Posterior Calvarial distraction and controversy of Shunt vs Cranial distractions in craniosynostosis : Ajay Sinha, UK

14 :30-14:50 hrs Video Presentation : Anterior Plagiocephaly correction : Subodh Raju

14:50-15:10 hrs Challenges with Neuroanaesthetic care in Craniosynostosis Surgeries : Arvind Chaturvedi

15:10-15:30 hrs Imaging in the evaluation of children with Craniosynostosis : Joseph Levin

15:30-16:00 hrs Interesting case presentations & discussion: * CVR in Scaphocephaly : Deepak Gupta * Strip Craniectomy in Scaphocephaly : Deepak Agarwal * Midface Distraction : Ajoy Roy Choudhary *Interesting case of Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly : Suresh Sankhla, Dwarakanath S, Subodh Raju, C E Deopujari

16:00 hrs Valedictory function

Day 1 : 19th January 2017 (Conference Hall, JLN auditorium complex, AIIMS, Delhi)

830-900 hrs: Registration

900-930hrs : OT case presentations

930-945 hrs. : Craniofacial deformities : Spectrum, Classification and Clinical features (Sheffali Gulati)

945-1000 hrs. : Craniosynostosis at AIIMS ( AK Mahapatra )

1000-1030 hrs: Inauguration Ceremony

1030-1100 hrs: Tea Break

1100-1115hrs : Problems associated with craniosynostosis in first year of life : CE Deopujari

1115-1130hrs : Clinical problems in complex craniosynostosis : B Chidambaram

1130-1145hrs : Scaphocephaly :Deformity spectrum and functional issues : Deepak Gupta

1100hrs onwards: Live transmission from 3 Operative Rooms: Syndromic and Multisutural variants

1330-1430 hrs: Lunch

Advances in Surgical techniques & Controversies in nonsyndromic craniosynostosis

1430- 1500 hrs. : Surgical correction of Plagiocephaly & Fronto orbital advancement ( technical aspects and complications) : Artur da Cunha (Brazil )

1500-1530 hrs. : Surgical correction and management issues in Trigonocephaly : Takeuoshi Shimoji,( Japan)

1530-1545 hrs. : Surgical correction of Scaphocepahly : B Chidambaram

1545- 1600 hrs. : Forehead advancement in plagiocephaly and syndromic variants : Nitin Mokal

1600-1615hrs: Surgical correction of Trigonocepahly: Ramesh Sharma

1615-1630hrs: Surgical correction of Anterior Plagiocephaly: how we do it: Ramesh Sharma

1630-1645 hrs Tea Break

Teleconference from UK

1645-1715 hrs.: Teleconference: Posterior Calvarial distraction and controversy of shunt vs Cranial distractions in craniosynostosis: Ajay Sinha, UK

1715-1730 hrs. Hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation and CSF diversions in Craniosynostosis: Suhas Udaykumaran

1730-1800 hrs. : Hypertelorism correction, Midface distraction in Syndromic Craniosynostosis : When and how : Parmod Subhash

1800-1830hrs : Complications in Craniosynostosis surgeries : B Chidambaram

1930 hrs. onwards: Dinner (Faculty Club Lawns, AIIMS Campus, Delhi)

DAY 1: Morning

DAY 2: Afternoon

DAY 3:

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