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WAS LIVE, JUNE 2, 2022……Thursday, June 2, 4:30 pm IST, “Minimally Invasive Spine/Brain Forum”, with two presentions including Leo da Costa MD of U of Toronto, CANADA

THURSDAY, JUNE 2, at 4:30 pm IST, 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 7:00 pm CHINA, 8:00 pm JAPAN
“MINIMALLY INVASIVE SPINE/BRAIN FORUM”, with two presentations from Asheesh Tandon MD, and Leo da Costa MD.

Asheesh Tandon MD, Neurosurgeon/MIS from Jalalpur, India presents,

“Radiofrequency Lesion Img for Trigeminal Neuralgia”

and Leo Da Costa MD, Neurosurgeon from the University of Toronto, CANADA, presents

“The Role of MIS in the Overall Management of metastatic Brain Tumors”

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