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LIVE NOW………..LIVE NOW…….LIVE…………SUNDAY, 8 PM CHINA TIME, “China Neurosurgical Journal Webcast, with two Presentations, including Anil Nanda MD, Editor of WFNS

NEXT Sunday, 8 pm Beijing time, 8 am EST, 2 pm CET, 5:30 pm IST, 9 pm JAPAN……
THE CHINA NEUROSURGICAL JOURNAL BIMONTHLY WEBCAST, directed by China Cerebral Bypass Expert, Bin Xu MD (Personal Website: )
this week, two presentations:


1) Anil Nanda MD, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of the WFNS, (…/ ) presents “Skull-based Tumors: Between Dragons and Guaynin”
2) Dr. Zixiao Yang, of Huashan Hospital, Shanghai, CHINA, presents “Follow the Venous Path to the Hidden Lesion: A Technical Trick in Brainstem Cavernous Malformation Surgery”
Webinar ID: 862 8551 412
ADDENDUM: “Between Dragons and Guanyin” is a Chinese idiom that refers to a difficult situation where one is caught between two powerful opposing forces or choices. The dragons represent power and aggression, while Guanyin is a Buddhist deity known for compassion and mercy.
After the didactic webcasts, our sponsor,, maker of endoscopes and Operative Microscopes, will give a demo and answer questions about their products.

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