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WAS LIVE, Oct 19, 2022, from Russia, “3D Cadaver Lab Course, Skull Base Neurosurgery” headed by Albert Sufianov MD, Neurosurgeron from Tyumen, Russia

LIVE, in less than 1 hours, 11 pm Wednesday EST, Thursday 8 am Russia Time, 9:30 am IST 11 am Thursday China NOON JAPAN

LIVE, 3D Cadaver Lab Course, Skull Base Neurosurgery, from Albert Sufianov’s Federal Center in Tyumen, Russia.


Presenters Include: Borba, Sufianov, Cherian, Baldoncini, Mussi. Manuel Encarnacion, Wuttipong Kotai, and others………….

Will broadcast at 8 am Tyumen time tomorrow, or Midnight EST tonight.

Register on ZOOM: or this LINK:…/tZUod-ioqjIsHNDIaX7kLEHj31K2…

Will be broadcast on Alfred Sufianov’s YouTube Channel, HERE:

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