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“Keyhole Microneurosurgery” Symposium, ONLINE, LIVE Sunday 5 pm IST

We are televising LIVE a “Keyhole Microneurosurgery” Symposium, this Sunday at 5 pm IST, 6:30 a.m. EST, here on; there is some serious talent here, including

 Yuanil Zhao, Professor and Director, Division of Cerebrovascular Surgery, at the Neurosurgery Dept. of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing, China.  Some consider this hosptial the best Neurosurgery Hospital in China; Qing Lan, a Neurosurgeon who has done extensive work with 3d Printed Brain Models; Hugo Andrade, , currently working as a fellow in Finland, and a German Neurosurgeon, Marco Cenzato, top Italian Neurosurgeon; Kentaro Mori, from Japan, a researcher in Keyhole Microneurosurgery.

Here is the ZOOM link to join the panel,

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