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We welcome any Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgical Resident, or Medicail Student to give a presentation, and/or present a Neurosurgical case on this channel.

Rising Neurosurgery Teacher, Samer Hoz MD, organized a series of “Neurosurgical.Operative Anatomy Lectures”, which follow here:


IRAQ NEUROSURGERY GRAND ROUNDS: Spontaneous Subarachnoid Hemorrhages for Non-Neurosurgeons: Ali Muhammed, Med Student from Iraq:

GRAND ROUNDS #1: Saturday, September 30, 2019

Samer Hoz MD, Iraq Neurosurgeon, gave a Series of 10 Presentations, with the Theme, “NEUROSURGICAL OPERATIVE ANATOMY”.

Here are those presentations, from May, June, July of 2019:


WEEK #6: “The Anatomical Variants”

WEEK #5: Physio-Anatomical Variations

WEEK #4: “The Upside Down Operative Anatomy”

WEEK #3: “How to Study the Operative Neuroanatomy”

WEEK #2: “Bridging the Gap between Snell’s and Rhoton’s Neuroanatomy”

WEEK #1: Introductiion to Series of Lectures in “Neurosurgical Operative Anatomy”

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