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Interview with Colorectal Surgeon from London who uses Virtual Reality to Train Surgical Residents

We had a last minute interview with a London Colorectal Surgeon, Shafi Ahmed MD, about his “Medical Realities’ platform, based on use of Virtual Reality to train Surgical Residents.  See the WEBSITE!

What is the “Medical Realities” platform?

1     What is the Medical Realities Platform?

The Medical Realities Platform is designed to give surgical and medical training to people around the world in a cost effective, easy access form, split into Modules. It is targeted at Medical Students, Institutions and Academics, but is accessible to anyone with a thirst for in-depth surgical knowledge. For more information see our about page or contact us at

2     What is a Module?

A Module is a complete interactive virtual reality experience that walks you through and tests your knowledge on a surgical procedure. Each Module includes a 360 interactive video of the operation, a narrated CGI diagnosis a digital exam and much more.

3     What operating systems and devices are supported?

Compatible with most phones that are capable of VR, the platform is currently supported on mobile devices using the Android operating systems and the Oculus Store on Samsung Phones. Releases on Apple Store and Google Daydream are in development. Please stay updated on our blog or follow us on twitter for the latest details.

4     Do I need a VR headset?

Yes, you will require a Virtual Reality headset in which to holster a mobile device with the downloaded platform application.

5     Which headset do you recommend?

Although many cardboard and plastic devices are compatible, for our Android release of the platform we recommend a Google Cardboard V2 or a Merge VR Headset for the best experience. A button or trigger is required.

6     How much does a module cost?

Each module is sold separately at a price of £6.99 ($8.99)

7     What can i expect in the future for the Medical Realities Platform?

To get a insight on what we are up to and what product, modules and services we hope to bring to you in the future please follow our blog.

8     What languages are currently supported?

The Medical Realities Platform is currently available in English, but we plan on releasing our modules in additional languages in the near future.

9     How do I get the app?

Download the application through our website homepage or by searching for medical realities platform on the Google Play Store for Android or the Oculus Store on Samsung Phones for Gear VR.

10     Is internet required?

Yes, our platform requires internet in order to stream video. The faster the better!

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