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Was LIVE, January 11, 2023, NSI presented in the Virtual OR Series, Asheesh Tandon MD presenting “Management of Complex Dorso-Lumbar Kyphotic Deformity”

IN 90 MINUTES………….LIVE………….7 pm IST, 8:30 am EST, 2:30 pm CET, 9:30 pm CHINA, 10:30 pm JAPAN

From the Neurosurgery Society of India (NSI), comes “Virtual OR: Step by Step”, featuring this week, Dr Asheesh Tandon (BIO: ) from Aditya Hospital Jabalpur, who will share his perspectives on ‘Management of complex Dorso Lumbar kyphotic deformity’. The Moderator of the session would be Dr Umesh S from Bangalore.

The Chairpersons would be Dr Sumit Sinha and Dr Vinu Gopal.

Please find below the Zoom Details to join the meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting:…

Meeting ID: 896 2292 3321

Passcode: 727481

See prior videos make by Dr Asheesh Tandon on the channel, HERE

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