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WAS LIVE, January 5, 2022…..”Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” from University of Miami Neurosurgery Program

One of the most important aspects of treating brain tumor patients is their recovery from surgery. Today on MGBTS, we are very excited to have Dr. Nitesh Patel @patel_neurosurgery to discuss some of the protocols we have implemented to improve the post operative care as well as to identify who can benefit from a faster recovery and who cannot. #ERAS = enhanced recover after surgery. Don’t miss it! We also welcome a great group of panelists including Drs. Randy D’amico, Simon Hanft, Dominique Higgins & Michael Kader. Be sure to tune in! ⠀⁣

43rd Miami Global Brain Tumor Symposium! ⠀⁣

Wednesday, January 5th, 5pm EST ⠀⁣

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