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In less than 1 HOUR………LIVE….UMiami Department of Neurosurgery presents 4 Quality Webcast from Notable Neurosurgeons…..

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in about 4 HOURS, LIVE……a Quality Webcast from UMiami Dept of Neurosurgery, with four great presentations lined up:

5pm EDT, 11 pm CET, PST 2 pm

4 Presentations:

1) Paul Camarata MD, University of Kansas presenting

“Spliting the Sylvian Fissure”

2) David Langer MD, Lenox Hill, New York

“Exoscopic Surgery for Vascular Neurosurgery: The Future is NOW”

3) Guiseppe Lanzino MD, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota

“Multidisciplinary Treatment of Intracranial Dural AVFs”

4) Pascal Jabbour MD, Jefferson University, Philadelpha, PA.

“Neurovascular Robotics: A New Frontier”

And a mystery case presentation at the end for the panelists to argue about!

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Also, televised LIVE on

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