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SUNDAY, 8 pm CHINA TIME, 7 am EST, the Bi-monthly China Neurosurgical Journal Webcast, featuring Ramesh Nair MD in “Endoscopic Transclival Approaches-Avoiding Complications”

SUNDAY, 8 PM China Time, 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 5:30 pm IST, 9 PM JAPAN,
“The Bimonthly China Neurosurgical Journal Webcast”, with main presenter, Ramesh Nair MD, from the UK, who is presenting, (RESUME: )

“Endoscopic Transclival Approaches-Avoiding Complications”



The Chinese speaker is Prof. Xing Chao Wang MD, who is presenting,

“Neuroscience Research in Neurosurgery”

The moderator is well-known Chinese Bypass King, Bin Xu MD of Shanghai. (LINKED IN: )

Webinar ID: 862 8551 412

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