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NOW, IN PORTUGUESE, LIVE….Jose Marcos Rotta MD presents, “Glioblastoma: State of the Art” in UNESCO/Walter Dandy Collaboration in Mexico

IN ABOUT 4 HOURS………………………..

Wednesday, at 9 am Mexico time, 10 am EST, from a collaboration of UNESCO and Walter Dandy Association to produce:

Jose Marcus Rotta MD, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, is presenting,

“Glioblastoma: State of the Art”

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UNESCO and Walter Dandy are collaborating to produce the Second International Congress of Neuroscience “The World of Neurosurgery at Your Fingertips” Conference.

A verified certificate will be awarded, with curricular value. To obtain it, it is necessary to comply with 60% of the speeches. The link of registration is: Transmission: AANS ENMH-IPN MEDICAL STUDENT CHAPTER •FACEBOOK: YouTube:


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