Was LIVE January 8, 2022….., India Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, with Atul Goel, Chandra Deopujari, and Iype Cherian

Title of Saturday, January 8th webcast announced:

“Management of Giant Pituitary Tumors”

..,, we start a series of bimonthly “India Neurosurgery Grand Rounds”, with top Neurosurgery Educators Atul Goel MD, Chandra Deopujari MD, and Iype Cherian MD.
REGISTER IN ZOOM: https://bit.ly/32xvw2c
There will be a ZOOM LOUNGE after the webcast to allow interaction with the presenters and panelists in a private, non-recorded, non-broadcast ZOOM.
The Link to the ZOOM LOUNGE will be given to the presenters and panelists at the end of the broadcast.

Awesome Graphic done by Thai Neurosurgeon, Woralux Phusoongern MD, Mousyhouse Mousyhouse

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