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ICRAN 2018: “Neuro-Trauma on the Web”: Recorded Presentations

On June 21, 2018, we had the good fortune to televise a portion of the Neurotrauma Conference, from Naples, Italy, directed by Corrado Iaccarino MD, Neurosurgeon from Parma, Italy.

Here’s a breakdown of the presentations

“Neurotrauma on the Web”

“Neurotrauma Public Education and Engagement Using Social Media”

2:18 – 11:28

“Web Visibilities of National Neurosurgical Societies in Europe”

14:40 -25:06

“The CSF Shift Edema and Cisternostomy: Clinical Outcome in a Series of Cases” , Andrea Gerosa MD

24:03 – 34:34

“The Role of Decompressive Craniotomies in Severe Head Injury Patients”

Hira Burhan MD,

35:28 – 42:02

“Role of Decompressive Craniectomy in Traumatic Brain Injury”

Prof. Tariq Salahuddin MBBS FRCS

42:15 – 51:58

“Preliminary Experience with Cisternostomy in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury”

52:14 – 1:05:50

“Cisternostomy: Perspectives” Roy Daniel MD

1:05:56 – 1:12:35

“Outcome following Decompressive Craniectomy due to Severe Head Injury: A Case Series Study”

1:22:21 – 1:30:47

“Controversies of Decompressive Craniectomies”

1:31:14 – 1:41:03

“Cisternostomy for Management of Severe Traumaticl Brain Injury”
by Younghong Wang China

1:41:24 – 1:51:50

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