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Great news for World Neurosurgery: Collaboration of and China’s, which is the Best Neurosurgery Video Website in the World! has agreed to collaborate with the best neurosurgery video website in the world, China’s

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It works with many renowned international academic ins promotions in promotion continuing education, and cooperates with hundreds of well-known clinical neuroscience companies in medical and digital marketing. In 2022, the company started its second curve with the launch of a one-stop learning/working platform for neurologists and neurosurgeons, and a service platform for patients, extending its influence in the following areas: offline clinics for brain diseases, video consulting, follow-up management, science education and popularity, surgical accident insurance, clinical recruitment, referral and consultation,remote surgery guidance, real world data, digital therapy, etc. It is also actively developing its business in neurology and in neuroscience basics and transformation. is now in beta and is planning to have make a significant number of videos in English, and are going to, essentially, create a channel here at  They will be broadcasting many of these LIVE here at and distributed in the western Neurosurgery community of the rest of the world.

Their old website,, is still functional, and displays the depth and breadth of the archives of Neurosurgical Videos.

We are excited about this for many reasons; one of the most important, and significant for the future is the treasure trove of old videos they have, which will be even more valuable once the wizards of AI are unleashed upon them.

And we feel the Western world will benefit because we will inevitably become closer with areas of Neurosurgery, that many consider China is superior

  1. AI in Neurosurgery

  2. Neurosurgery Robotics

  3. 3D Printing in Neurosurgery.

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