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Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study LIVE Webinar

MAY 12, 2019

Franco Servadei MD, President of the WFNS, “Introduction to State of Global Neurosurgery”
Dr. Servadei interacts with Neurosurgeons, Neurosurgery residents, and med students from Russia, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Cameroon (2), Morocco, and Peru

Peter Hutchinson MD: Director Global Health Research Group: “Background and Objectives”


Tarik Kahn MD, Chair, Neurotraumatology Committee, WFNS

Iype Cherian MD, Head of Education ACNS, “Cisternostomy in Brain Trauma”

Raja Krishnankutty, India: “Challenges of Study in Developing Countries”

David Clarke: Clinical Research Fellow Global Neurotrauma NIHR GHRGN

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