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Full Day Webinar on FACIAL NERVE; two parts, Cadaveroc Dissection, pluse Live Surgical Demonstration: Sunday, 10 am IST

Welcome you all to an interesting full day webinar exclusively on Facial Nerve. The webinar will be divided into two halves with Cadaveric dissection and Live surgical Demonstration.

Link* :


Highlights of 1st Half (10 am to 2pm IST)

1)Demonstration of facial nerve course from origin (Brainstem) to destination (Face) including translabyrinthine and middle cranial fossa approaches.
2) Demonstration of reliable landmarks for different segments of facial nerve.
3) Discussion of pathologies involving facial nerve at different levels and management
4) Various nerve anastomosis, grafting,reanimation procedures and flaps with special emphasis on procedures of eye and lower lip rehabilitation.

Highlights of 2nd Half (2pm IST) onwards
— Live surgical demonstration
-Facial- masseteric nerve anastomosis
& Other facial nerve surgeries

Date : Sunday*28th June 2020
Time :10 AM onwards (IST)

Operating surgeon :
Dr Satish Jain.

Speakers :
Dr Rajeev Pachauri.
Dr.Madhuri Mehta

International faculty:
Prof Tessa Hadlock
Harvard Medical School,Boston**
Dr.Ralph Magritz,Berlin

Moderator :
Dr Paramita Saha.

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