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From Tyumen, December 2, 2023, Neurosurgery Cases from ‘Albert Sufianov’s Federal Center of Neursurgery

SATURDAY MORNING, 10 am Tyumen time, from Albert Sufianov’s Federal Neurosurgery Center, in less than 2 hours, LIVE, ……………………10 pm Tyumen Time

Case Reports from the center.

On Saturday Neurosurgical case reports
1. Surgical technique SEEG (Stereotactic ElectroEncephaloGraphy) in CT Hybrid Operation Room at epilepsy case. Obuchova Varvara.

2. Surgical technique frame stereotactic biopsy of tumour in CT Hybrid Operation Room. Ismoilov Oyatullo.

3. Radiology of the tuberous sclerosis in clinical case. Zagrebin Danilin Vasiliy

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