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NOW……….LIVE HERE……………LIVE HERE…………….Seattle Science Foundation presents Bin Xu MD, Shanghai Neurosurgeon, with “Revascularization for MoyaMoya Disease”

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, at 6:30 am Seattle, 9:30 am EST, 3:30 CET, 7 pm INDIA, 9:30 pm CHINA, 10:30 pm JAPAN

Seattle Science Foundation ( presents, as part of The Cerebrovascular Q and A Sessions,
“Revascularization for MoyaMoya Disease”
by Bin Xu MD, noted Shanghai Neurosurgeon.
In Collaboration with Seattle Science Foundation, am streaming this webcast onto, where the YouTube Interface of the broadcast allows viewers to Post Questions/Comments on the YouTube Live Chat, and interact with the presenter.
Or the viewer can go into Zoom.
To register in ZOOM:

The webcast will be translated in REAL TIME into Chinese and Japanese, by Neurosurgeons, who are moonlighting as translators!

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