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First Neurosurgical Super Sunday Webcasts start HERE, Live this Sunday at 3:30 pm IST

(image: Iype Cherian MD)

We are starting a regular set of webcasts, with a defined structure, every Sunday at 3:30 p.m. IST,  5 a.m. EST, 11 a.m. CET, 12 p.m.  Africa, 1 pm in Saudi Arabia, and 7p.m. in Japan, LIVE, INTERACTIVE on

These webinars will be under the direction of Iype Cherian MD, noted Neurosurgeon from Nobel Medical College in Biratnagar, Nepal, who will chose a “theme” each week for the topic.

There will be three separate webcasts on this them, with an interactive panel; one webcast will be Neuroanatomy part of that theme, directed each week by noted Neuroanatomist, Neurosurgeon from Mexico, Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD.  Another will be a Didactic Neurosurgical webcast to examine the science of that theme; the other will be Neurosurgical case presentations of that particular theme.

This Sunday, the theme will be “CEREBRAL ANEURYSMS”.

 Iype Cherian MD will start things off with a didactic section, discussing “Cerebral Aneuryms” at 3:30 IST, and famous Finnish Neurosurgeon, Juha Hernesniemi MD, will give “Case Presentations of Cerebral Aneurysms” at 4:30 IST:

Dr. Juha Hernesniemi

and Dr Perez will present “Vascular Neuroanatomy: An Overview“, at 5:30 pm IST.

Dr. Victor Hugo Perez Perez

No need to register, just watch on the main page of

And if any of these talks hold a special interest for you, and you want to sit on the panel, please email me, John Bennett MD of, at

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