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First Russian Neurosurgery Webcasts televised HERE in Russian will broadcast its first webcasts in Russian on Wednesday, February 14th, at noon, EST, and 8 pm Moscow time. 

At 8 pm moscow time, Gorozhanin Alexander.MD. neurosurgeon of clinic S.P. Botkin of Moscow., Russia will start with “Radiation of Malignant Gliomas Device Intrabeam”.

Aлександр Горожанин.
г. Москва. Клиника С.П.Боткина. нейрохирург.
г.Москва. “Облучение злокачественных глиом аппаратом Интрабим”.

And at 9 pm Moscow time, MD. Andrey Ekimov – neurosurgeon, the neurooncology ” Gamma knife Center” of the Khanty – Mansiysk., Russia, will present, “Gamma knife surgery”

Андрей Екимов. Нейрохирург, нейро-онколог. Гамма – нож центр Ханты- Мансийск., Россия

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