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Fantastic Neurosurgery Website, designed for Med Students by Med Students from Weil-Cornell in New York

Stumbled across this website on the web,, Med Student Neurosurgery Training Center.  There is so much you will get lost!

Here’s the awesome YouTube Channel

The Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Center (MSNTC) was founded in 2020 after two successful years of Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Camps, the first of which was offered at Weill Cornell Medical College in 2018. Training Camp founder and and a Weill Cornell graduate, Ryan Radwanski, founded Brain and Spine Group Inc. in 2019 and later formed the MSNTC in 2020 to streamline and operationalize the delivery on-site and virtual content for brain and spine education.

As students and trainees around the globe increasingly consume and interact with their medical education in a virtual format, industry and academic entities will need to adjust and innovate their offerings to meet this need. In its first year, the MSNTC has coordinated multiple live virtual seminar and webinar sessions, journal clubs, and training camps, as well as increased its educational resource footprint through the Brain and Spine Report, YouTube video library, global events calendar, and other mediums. The MSNTC is at the forefront of Neurosurgery education innovation and aims to be the international leader in junior Neurosurgery clinical training


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