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Example of Implant Aiding the Decoding of speech and text from the brain


  • The electrocorticography grid, attached to the participant’s skull, is a groundbreaking device that enables the decoding of speech and text from the brain.
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    Neural activity related to her attempts to move her facial muscles is decoded into speech, giving her the ability to communicate.
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    Ann’s condition of locked-in syndrome, resulting from a stroke, drastically impacted her life as a mother to young children.
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    The development of a brain implant and AI technology has the potential to restore speech and empower individuals with paralysis to realize their full potential.

    6,389,777 views Premiered Aug 23, 2023

    Ann is helping researchers develop new brain-computer technology (BCI) that could one day allow stroke survivors like her to communicate more naturally through a digital avatar that resembles a person. The breakthrough technology was developed by researchers from UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley and decodes Ann’s brain signals, turning them into text, speech and facial expressions for a digital avatar for the first time. The research is led by UCSF’s Edward Chang, MD, chair of neurological surgery. Check out the full story here 👉…

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