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EpilepsyZoom.TV poised to start, to try to connect Epilepsy Support Groups on LIVE ZOOM webcasts, as a supplementary resource to their groups

QUESTIONS or, want to join network for other Support Groups of Epilepsy:


History and Mission

I have done Zooms, before Zoom was created about 7 years ago, in Neurosurgery.  This platform has changed Neurosurgery Education like most other areas in Medicine, and we feel that the global community of Epilepsy Patients, needs a central place to get additional education about Epilepsy, through Zoom.

.  We want to make it for ALL EPILEPSY PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPS, besides your normal Patient support activites.  We want to ADD it to your support groups, to attend as various times, which we will announce.  We will take suggestions about speakers, ,topics, or anything relevant to seizure problems.

We will let Any Epilepsy Patient Group actively participate in Epilepsy Zoom TV, for free, and give presentations, case histories, any signicant news involving Epilepsy.

We expect Pharma, and Medical Device Industries to support this initiative, as they have always  done with Medical Education in the past, only this is NEW, INNOVATIVE, INTERACTIVE,  and, largely, unknown.  But we believe that advertisers will see how effective Zoom synergizes with QR coding to be the New age of Advertising Online events.


Here are 50 of the top Epilepsy Support Groups

  1. Epilepsy Foundation (USA)
  2. Epilepsy Action (UK)
  3. Epilepsy Society (UK)
  4. National Epilepsy Foundation (Australia)
  5. Canadian Epilepsy Alliance
  6. International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
  7. Epilepsy South Africa
  8. Epilepsy Ontario (Canada)
  9. Epilepsy Scotland
  10. Epilepsy Ireland
  11. Epilepsy Association of Central Florida (EACF)
  12. Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes (Canada)
  13. Epilepsy Queensland (Australia)
  14. Epilepsy Association of Western Australia
  15. Epilepsy Association of New Zealand
  16. Epilepsy Toronto (Canada)
  17. Epilepsy Alliance America
  18. CURE Epilepsy (USA)
  19. Epilepsy Connections (Scotland)
  20. Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
  21. Epilepsy Research UK
  22. Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia (USA)
  23. Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan (USA)
  24. Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (USA)
  25. Epilepsy Foundation of New England (USA)
  26. Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago (USA)
  27. Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles (USA)
  28. Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Southern Illinois (USA)
  29. Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California (USA)
  30. Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County (USA)
  31. Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee (USA)
  32. Epilepsy Foundation of Texas (USA)
  33. Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania (USA)
  34. Epilepsy Research Centre (Australia)
  35. Epilepsy Support Centre (Zimbabwe)
  36. Epilepsy Support Group (Singapore)
  37. Epilepsy South Australia
  38. Epilepsy Centre (Malaysia)
  39. Epilepsy Support Centre (India)
  40. Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County (USA)
  41. Epilepsy Society of Australia
  42. Epilepsy Society of New Zealand
  43. Epilepsy Foundation of India
  44. Epilepsy Support Foundation (Ghana)
  45. Epilepsy Foundation of the Philippines
  46. Epilepsy Support and Education Services (Canada)
  47. Epilepsy Support Group (Nigeria)
  48. Epilepsy Support Group (South Africa)
  49. Epilepsy Support Association of the Western Cape (South Africa)
  50. Epilepsy Support and Information Service (Australia)


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