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Breaking Boundaries: Neurosurgical.TV Teams up with China’s

Breaking Boundaries: Teams Up with

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership between and, a leading neurosurgery video website based in China. This collaboration marks a significant step forward as is set to introduce a wealth of new English-language videos. To facilitate this expansion, they will be establishing a channel right here on The LIVE broadcasts of these videos will be distributed throughout the global Neurosurgery community, opening up exciting opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

While is currently in beta testing, their original website,, continues to serve the community effectively. However, what truly excites us is the vast repository of old videos they possess, poised to become even more valuable with the aid of advanced AI technologies.

One of the most compelling reasons behind our enthusiasm for this collaboration is the potential for forging stronger connections between areas where the Chinese Neurosurgery Community is generally accepted as being more advanced in

  1. Neurosurgery Robotics
  2. Neurosurgery AI
  3. Neurosurgery 3D Printing

And in the spirit of collaboration, we open our archives and whatever Neurosurgery videos we televise, to share to the Chinese Neurosurgery Community!


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