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Brain Tumors Conference

This was our first effort, and it turned out wel, on March 26, 27th.  We had Neurosurgeons from Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Belguim, South Africa, Russia, and Iraq


SATURDAY, March 26, 2016



Ahmed al Jishi MD: Neurosurgeon from Montreal Canada
Ahmed specializes in Spine, and Pediatric Neurosurgery
Joni Aldrich: Pulitzer Prize Nominee, expert in Cancer
Support issues
Dan Ochieng MD: Neurosurgeon from Capetown, South Africa
Dan switched call nights to do this presentation!
Carlos Llumiguano MD, Neurosurgeon from Madrid, practices
frequently to Ecuador, where he teaches Neurosurgical residents
John Adler MD, Neurosurgeon, inventor of the Cyberknife,
speaks of, his innovative online medical publishing service
Peter Galkin MD, Neurosurgeon from Moscow, Russia
left his dacha on the Black Sea early to present!
Victor Volovici MD, Neurosurgical Resident from Erasmus
Medical Center in The Netherlands
Bernardo de Andrada MD, Neurosurgeon from Rio de Janeiro
Bernis is a great team member, specializes in Spinal Neurosurgery
Luis Alberto Ordenez Solario MD, Mexican Neurosurgeon,
also a Triathlete, just finished his Neurological training
Carlos Llumiguano MD, Neurosurgeon from Spain travels
to his home country of Ecuador to teach Residents!
Andres Alvarez Pinzon MD, Neurosurgeon, from Colombia
practices in Miami, does much Gamma Knife
Slaven Gojkovic MS 3, a virtual Neurosurgical Wundkind, from
Zagreb, Croatia




Ric Rasschaert MD, Neurosurgeon from the Netherlands,
regularly goes to Uganda to treat the Underserved
Roberto Herrera MD, Neurosurgeon from Argentina
speaks regularly at Neurosurgical Conferences, Globally

center>John Oro MD, Neurosurgeon, from Colorado, and
expert on Chiari Malformations


Samer Hoz MD, is a 6th Year Neurosurgery Resident from
University of Baghdad Medical Center



Ayden Jacob MSc: Researcher in the Bay Area and
Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy

Jorge Luis Vega Celiz MD is an ENT Specialist from Barcelona, Spain
where he works at
Hospital Universitari de Bellvitg
Slaven Gojkovic MS 3, a true savant in Neurosurgery Education,
has a passion for Neurosurgery, from Zagreb, Croatia
Jodi Aldrich, well-known Cancer Advocate Radio and Podcast User
with Julie Houston, another Cancer Advocate



Erin Dunbar MD, Oncologist Practicing in Atlanta, Georgia
is in the Anderson Cancer Center Network
Erin Dunbar MD, Oncologist Practicing in Atlanta, Georgia
is in the Anderson Cancer Center Network


Kathryn Ko MD, New York Neurosurgeon and
Multimedia artist, is a favorite of the Team at Neurosurgical.TV!
Ammar Hadi Kadhim MD, Neurosurgeon from Iraq, is an
afficianado of Hangouts, and will do many Presentations Here!



Slaven Gojkovic MS3, a true prodigy of Neurosurgery Education,
although a student, he presents Neurosurgical cases to other students!
Kristine Ravina MD, Neuroscientist from Stanford
aspires to be a Neurosurgeon some day, now does research


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