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App to speed up Embolic Thrombectory Large Vessel Occlusion Available


From Stanford A.I. Research to San Francisco Healthcare Startup

On a mission to expand Direct-to-Intervention care

In 2015, five seminal randomized controlled trials were published in the neurovascular space demonstrating endovascular thrombectomy to be the new gold standard for treating large vessel occlusion strokes. During that same year, advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning made it possible to analyze medical imaging rapidly and accurately. However, despite having proven effective interventions for stroke, most stroke patients were getting treatment late or not at all. At Stanford University, Dr. Chris Mansi (neurosurgeon) and Dr. David Golan (machine learning researcher) identified this problem and together they sought to change it. is an applied artificial intelligence healthcare company that works alongside physicians to improve acute medical care. When the brain is injured, every minute matters. Doctors use advanced imaging to diagnose the patient and refer to the right specialist. The faster they can make the diagnosis and transfer that patient the better the patient outcome. At, we are working on deep learning algorithms, and AI aided triage to get the right patient to the right doctor at the right time.’s landmark products are the Viz LVO and Viz CTP platforms–both are FDA cleared and commercially available in the United States. Viz LVO uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect large vessel occlusion strokes and triage patients directly to a stroke specialist. Viz CTP uses advanced processing technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images and generate parametric perfusion color maps.

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