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AI disrupts Conventional Tutors, Artificial intelligence is changing the way American students study


AI apps disrupt traditional tutors

Artificial intelligence is changing the way American students study, helped by two popular AI apps from China, TechCrunch reports. The new technology is cheaper than a private tutor and faster than finding a helpful video on YouTube. Both apps, Answer AI and Gauth, have been downloaded millions of times, a potential threat to familiar tutoring franchises such as Kumon. But, like other AI applications, Answer AI and Gauth can give wrong or misleading answers. They also raise questions about whether they help students learn or are just a quick way for them to do their homework.

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5 minutes “talking” with the new GPT 4o is all it took me to be fully convinced that we have entered into a new era of education. Watch it reason through, and tutor on the geometry problem in this YouTube video and tell me you… Arent’t. Blown. Away. #genai #isthisTheRealLife #chatgpt

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