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Webcast #44

Webcast #43: Africa Neurosurgery Grand Rounds: May 2020 

WEBCAST #42: “Emergency Management of Brain Tumors”, Nathalie Ghomsi, MD, Resident of Ivory Coast

WEBCAST #41: “Lexcell Gamma Knife Radiosurgery”:  Abdullah Jimoh, Nigerian Neurosurgeon

WEBCAST #40: Management of Status Epilepticus: Yvan Zolo

WEBCAST #39: Red Flags of Low Back Pain, by Dawin Sichimba



WEBCAST #36: “Acute Bone Decompression of CN VII”, By Arsene D. Nyalundja, Med Student from Cameroon

WEBCAST #35, Jan 4, 2020: “Surgical Indications of Ischemic Strokes”, by Nathalie Ghomsi MD, PGI 1 Neurosurgery Resident



WEBCAST #32: “Management of Acute Subarachnoid Hemorrhage”, by Morocco Neurosurgery Resident, Fortune Gankpe MD


WEBCAST #31b: “Management of Traumatic Brain Injury at a Resource Restricted Center”, by Dawin Sichimba, Med Student from Zambia

WEBCAST #31a: “Penetrating Cerebral Trauma”, Nathalie Ghomsi, Medical Doctor, Cameroon, Africa

See the edited webcasts of the Associaton for Future African Neurosurgeons, HERE, all three! Done yesterday in living color!

Webinar #30:  “ACUTE HYDROCEPHALUS”, BY Zolo Yvan, Cameroon  Med Student

 Webinar #29: “Duret Hemorrhages” by Dawin Sichimba MD, Med Student from Cameroon

Webinar #28  “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus”, by Dieu Kabulo MD, Congo Neurosurgery Resident

Webinar 27: “Statistics and Neurosurgery Residency: Effect of extra Resident”, by Nourou Bankole MD, Neurosurgery Resident from Morocco

Webinar 26: “Invasive Multimodality Brain Monitoring”, by Ulrich Sidney, Med Student from Cameroon

Webinar 25: “Intracranial Pressure Monitoring” by Zolo Yvan, Cameroon Med Student

Webinar 24: “Treatment of Head Trauma”: Zolo Yvan, Med Student from Cameroon

Webinar 23: “Clinical Evaluation of the Comotose Patient”: Ulrich Sidney

22: “The Hypothalamus” by Ulrich Sidney

Webinar 21a: “The Thalamus” by Nathalie Ghomsi, aspiring Neurosurgeon from Cameroon


Webinar 19: “The Cerebral Cortex”; Zolo Yvan Ossou

Webinar 18: “The Pituitary Gland”; Dylan Djioback, Med student from Cameroon:

Webinar 17a: “Indications of DC in Low Resource Setting: Literary Review”: Nourou Bankole of Morocco August, 2019

Webinar 17b: “The Basal Ganglia” by Nathalie Ghomsi, Cameroon Doctor

Webinar 16a:“Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas”: by Nourou Bankole of Morocco: July 2019

Webinar #16b:

“2016 WHO Classification of Brain Tumors” by Dieu Kabulo MD of the Congo: July 2019

Webinar #15:
“Posterior Fossa Cerebral Tumor”

Webinar #14: “The Cerebellum” by Zolo Yvan Ossou, 5th Year Medical Student

Webinar #11: “Neurosurgery Educational Tools: An Overview”, by Sidney Ulrich, June 21, 2019

Webinar #10: “The Venous System of the Brain”, by Dylan Dijofack

Webinar #9a “The Arterial System of the Brain”, by Nathalie Ghomsi, June 7, 2019

Webinar #9b: “Hydrocephalus”, by Nourou Dine Bankole

Webinar #8: “Neuroanatomy of the Ventricular System” May 31, 2019 by Dylan Djiofack

Webinar #7a: Ulrich Sidney, “Neuroanatomy of the Meninges”

Webinar #7b: Norou : “Meningiomas: Introduction”

Webinar #6: Ulrich Sydney Presents “The Ethmoid Bone”

Webinar 5 b: Nourou Dine Bankole MD, Morocco Neurousurgery Resident

“Sphenoid Bone Anatomy” May 10, 2019

Webinar 4b: The Occiput: Nathalie Christelle Ghomsi Presents

WEBINAR 4a: The Occiput Area: Victor Hugo Perez Perez

WEBINAR #2: The Parietal Bone

WEBINAR #1: The Frontal Bone

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