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ACNS Weekly Webcast LIVE, HERE!


We have the regularly scheduled weekly Webcasts for the ACNS Neurosurgical Students Society; this week we have three webcasts

TODAY, Sunday, October 15., starting at 3:45 pm Nepal time!

We have 3 Presenters belonging to different Modalities in Neurosurgery!

At 3 pm (Pakistan time), Dr. Muhammad Tariq Imtiaz, MD , of Saudi Arabia, (KSA) will discuss the modalities of Neuro-Electrophysiology in NeuroSurgery

At 5 pm (PST), Dr. Abid Saleem (Pak) will talk about the role of Gamma Knife Radio surgery


At 6 pm (PST), Dr. Jhofre Portilla , MD, of Cuenca, Ecuador, shall discuss “How to perform a Neurological Exam”


You can view these lectures LIVE at


We invite any neurosurgeon, or neurosurgical resident to present ANY educational case, or something that may be of value to the Neurosurgical community.

Just write me, John Bennett MD,,

and we would be glad to set it up!




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