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ACNS Skullbase Symposium Concluded Yesterday; See all Seven Presentations on ONE Page HERE

In Feb, March of 2019, WFNS, and the ACNS Societies combined to present a series of 7 presentations for the theme of “Skull Base Neurosurgery”.  Here they are below:

ACLS Symposium #1: Skullbase Basics: Aneela Darbar MD

Iype Cherian MD: Skull Basics: AnteroLateral

ACNS SYMPOSIUM #2 “Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery”, with Vinod Felix MD and Juha Hernesniemi


“ACNS Symposium #3”, with Sampath Chandra


ACNS SYMPOSIUM #4: “Endoscopy Uses and Care”, with Sampath Chandra

“ACNS Symposium #5”, with Iype Cherian MD, “The Carotid in relation to Skullbase”

ACNS Symposium #6: Presentation of Skullbase Cases

ACNS “Skull Base Symposium #7: Iype Cherian MD: Case Presentations

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