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1st ACNS Online Conference, “Emerging Trends in Neurotrauma”


We are startied off our series on the Asia Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ Online Conferences, with “Emerging Trends in Neurotrauma, which occured the weekend of June 25th, 26th.


8 a.m. CET, Central European Time

Iype Cherian M.D., Nepal Neurosurgeon

“Surgical Techniques of Cisterostomy”

10 a.m.

Iype Cherian MD, Nepal Neurosurgeon

“Cooling Cleaning Functions of CSF”

11 a.m.

12 a.m..

Iype Cherian MD, Nepal Neurosurgeon

“Anterior and Posterior Clinoidectomy: Technique Followed “

1 p.m.

Carlos Lluminguano, Spain  and Ecuador Neurosurgeon

“Decompressive Craniectomy: Indications”

2 pm-4 pm

“Cisternostomy: Breaking the Web”

Corrado Iaccarino M.D. Italy Neurosurgeon

“Topic in Neurotrauma”

8 p.m.

Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD, Mexico Neurosurgeon

“Surgical Anatomy of the Cavernous Sinus”


8 a.m. CET, Central European Time

Sunil Munakomi MD

Senior Resident in Neurosurgery, Nepal

“Pathogenesis of TBI”

9 a.m.

Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD, Mexico Neurosurgeon/Anatomist

“Topics in Trauma”

10 a.m.

Salman Sharif MD, Pakistan Neurosurgeon

“Cervical Trauma”

1 p.m.

Roberto Herrera MD, Argentina Neurosurgeon


2 p.m.

Yannick Beaulieau MD, Canada Intensivist

“Reacts: Internet Platform for Remote Mentoring for Neurosurgery”

3 p.m.

Ramesh Nair MD, England Neurosurgeon

“Anatomy in Fronto-Parietal Craniotomy”

4 pm

Dr. K Sridhar, India Neurosurgeon

“Devastating TBI: Management protocols”

5 p.m.

Deepak Gupta MD, India Neurosurgeon

“Hypothermia in TBI”

6 p.m.

Anna Tereas Mazzeo MD, Italy  Neurosurgeon

“Advanced Neuromonitoring in TBI”

8 p.m.

Aneela Darbar MD, Italy  Neurosurgeon

“Endoscopic Skull base Approaches “

9 pm.   John Byler , Author

“You Look Great”: Book

 A Saga of TBI Recovery

8 p.m.

Shannon, Brain Trauma Patient Survivor

“Brain Trauma Survivor: Shannon”

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