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John Bennett MD: Editor -in-Chief

John read Eric Topol MD’s book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and it changed the course of his life.  He then set to help curate advances in digital tech as it impacts medicine, at the Mother ship,

Then he met the “Hangout King”, Ronnie Bincer, and he immediately saw the potential of this platform to form  communities, like Neurosurgery, to promote education in this field, and therefore created www.Neurosurgical.TV.

Now that we have become acquainted with the video platform, Zoom, we have migrated to that  platform, and are hightly encouraged by their specialization of webinars, ease of use of the platform, and overall future. We are, however, keeping our ears to the ground, and man, does that get uncomfortable!

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The mission of the Advisory Board is to ensure the highest quality material is shown on this site, in all areas, specialties, topics, etc.  In addition, advisors watch for any information in their medical niche  that may enhance the medical learning experience. We thank them!

Simon R. Downes, PhD, MD student


Simon R. Downes is a PhD, MD candidate – & Clinical Psychologist, based in Tokyo, who has a varied background.  He has lived in Japan since 1992 and loves Hangouts, and Neurosurgery!  –  Participates at all hours of the night from Japan, Bilingual spoken, written Japanese 医学生、発達心理学者 I This is his website – Med School, and this is is PODCAST for the USMLE

Iype Cherian MD, is a Neurosurgeron, originally from India, but now practicing at his self-desiged Neurosurgcial Center at the Noble Medical Center in Biratnagar, Nepal.  Iype is a frequent conference speaker, mostly about the procedure at a treatment of Head Trauma, “Cisterostomy


Bernardo de Andrada, MD


Bernardo has been a dedicated member of Neurosurgical.TV since its inception in 2015.  He has given many excellent presentations, mostly in his area of expertise, Spinal Neurosurgery, and is always a willing participant to be on the panel for other Neurosurgeons.  A practicing Neurosurgeon in Rio De Janeiro, Bernardo feels that hangouts are a great way of Neurosurgical education and networking, and looks forward to the day when he can do Live Neurosurgical shows from his penthouse in Ipanema.

Carlos Llumiguano, MD



Carlos is also a dedicated member of the Neurosurgical.TV team, how is always ready to help in any way he can.  We have done a few LIVE Stream events from Ecuador for “Neuromodulation”, and Carlos is also active in the fledging Spanish partner to this site,  www.Neurocirugia.TV.  He received his Neurosurgical Training in Hungary, practiced in Spain, and has frequently returned to his native Country, Ecuador, to aid in Neurosurgery Resident training. in his native country of Ecuador.

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