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In 3 HOURS, LIVE……..7th International Academy of Neurosurgical Anatomy Webinar about White matter tracts, Epilepsy Surgery, and Ventricular Tumors

IN LESS THAN 4 HOURS, LIVE…………….One of best webcasts on the Net!

NOON GMT, 8 am EST, 2 PM CET, 5:30 pm IST, 8 pm CHINA 9 pm JAPAN………..
International Academy of Neurologic Anatomy presents the 7th Webinar, with main topics
1) Anatomy of White Matter Tracts for Successful Glioma Surgery, and
2) Anatomical HIghlights of Ventricular Tumor Surgery



From Dr. Imad Kanaan

Dear colleagues,

On behalf the International Academy of Neurosurgical Anatomy (IANA) we are pleased to launch the “7th online dynamic educational course” to promote sound clinical judgement, enhance neurosurgical skills of young neurosurgeons and trainees around the globe, infuse their challenges and respond to their inquiries.

The course will encompass special presentations by distinguished faculties, case discussion and short video sessions reflecting the importance of anatomical knowledge associated with the neurosurgical intervention.


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