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Friday, NOON in Egypt, 11 am UK, 6 am EST, The Masters of Neurosurgery Webinar Series, with Michael Arraez MD presenting “Surgery in and Around Meckels Cave”


6 AM EST, NOON Egypt, 3:30 pm IST, 6 pm CHINA, 7 pm JAPAN


……..In the words of Noor…………….

I’m pleased to invite you to our Masters of Neurosurgery Webinar Series with Prof.Miguel Arraez, Webinar #2 ” Surgery In and Around Meckel’s Cave” IA which will be held on Friday, 14th April,2023 at 12pm Malaga/CEST, 3pm PKT,6am EST, 11am UK time, 12pm Egypt and 1 pm Saudia time.
Something New
This time we will have a Virtual Groupie too with our honorable guest. All attendees will be requested to turn on their videos for the groupie which will be uploaded on as well as all NEWS social media accounts.
The certificate link will be emailed to the zoom attendees during the webinar. Can’t wait to meet you all again soon! Register now

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