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5 Presentations throughout the day from UNESCO/Walter Dandy collaboration starting at 7 am EST will TELEVISE FIVE webcasts LIVE tomorrow in the collaborative effort by UNESCO and Walter Dandy Organization based in Mexico:

Here’s the five:

1) 7 AM EST: “Disorders and Agents That Affect Our Sleep and Dreams”, by Dr Ahmand Assassa from Romania

2) 10 AM EST: “Comatose State: Assessment and Outcomes: by Dennis Danut MD, Romania

3) 2 PM EST: “Bypass Techniques for Common Vascular Conditions”, byt Dr Yasnaki Inoue, Japan

4) 3 PM EST: “Diagnosis and Research in Alzheimers Disease: National Dementia Biobank”

5) 6 PM EST: “Cranio-Orbital Pre-temporal Approach for Microsurgical Resection of Juxtasellar Lesions”, by Kenan Arnautovic MD, University of Tennessee, USA

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