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Saturday, March 11. 8 am EST, “Art of the Clip: Site Specific Clipology Strategies for Cerebral Aneurysms”, with James Liu MD of Rutgers

SATURDAY, March 11, 8 pm EST, 6 pm Pakistan time,

James Liu MD of Rutgers University, presents

“Art of the Clip: Site-Specific Clipology Strategies for Cerebral Aneuysms”
Says Noor:
“I’m thrilled to invite you to the next webinar of the Vascular Neurosurgery Webinar Series with the legendary Prof. James K. Liu !
The webinar will be held on Saturday,March 11,2023 at 8am EST,2pm CET,6pm PKT and 3pm Egypt time. Please register now…/tZwkfuugpzMsHNyjKoNnDnMHvyayg…

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