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IN SEVEN HOURS………4 pm EST, Tuesday, from the AANS/CNS SECTION, “Impact of IDH Inhibitors on the Management of Low Grade Gliomas”

TUESDAY, 4 pm EST, 2 am WED PAK, 2:30 pm wed IST, 10 pm CET
(from Noor ul Huda Maria)
Live-streaming event on Tuesday, April 2nd with AANS/CNS section on Tumors Chair, Dr. Isabelle Germano! This educational event is in collaboration with SNO, EANS, and EANO with leading experts on brain tumors from around the globe discussing the

“Impact of IDH Inhibitors on the Management of Low-Grade Gliomas (LGG)”


Interested in joining?! Register at this link:
and livestream at:


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