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NOW LIVE, WFNS Webcasts directed to Young Neurosurgeons and Medical students, NOW NOW


February 5th, SATURDAY, at 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 5:30 PM IST, 8 pm CHINA, 9 pm JAPAN, presents the first in a series of Monthly webcasts, from the WFNS and World Congress of Medial Students and Neurosurgery Residents, directed by Luis Borba MD (…) and organized by Noor Ul Huda Maria, MD. (

The first webinar theme is “Basic Anatomy of the Brain and Spine” with three presentations:

1) “Anatomy of the Brain” by Prof Paulo Kadri MD (See Facebook:

2) “Anatomy of the Spine” by Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD (see YouTube profile:

3) “Artificial Intelligence, NanoNeurosurgery, Neurophotohics, Mixed Reality, and Brain Mapping” by Prof. Babak Kateb PhD (See LinkedIn:

Register by Zoom:

Translated into CHINESE in REAL TIME by China Neurosurgeon, Liao Yujun MD: (

Translated into JAPANESE, by Japanese Neurosurgeon Takashi Kon MD (

Graphic by Noor Ul Huda Maria, MD (




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