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Feb 5, SATURDAY, First Webcast of a Monthly Series presented by WFNS of Neurosurgery Topics for Med Students and Neurosurgery Residents

February 5th, SATURDAY, at 7 am EST, 1 pm CET, 5:30 PM IST, 8 pm CHINA, 9 pm JAPAN, presents the first in a series of Monthly webcasts, from the WFNS and World Congress of Medial Students and Neurosurgery Residents, directed by Luis Borba MD and organized by Noor Ul Huda Maria, MD.

The first webinar theme is “Basic Anatomy of the Brain and Spine” with three presentations:

1) “Anatomy of the Brain” by Prof Paulo Kadri MD

2) “Anatomy of the Spine” by Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD

3) “Artificial Intelligence, NanoNeurosurgery, Neurophotohics, Mixed Reality, and Brain Mapping” by Prof. Babak Kateb PhD

Register by Zoom:

(AWESOME VID by Thai Neurosurgeon, Woralux Phusoongern MD)





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