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LIVE NOW LIVE NOW, India Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, with Goel, Deopujari and Cherian, presenting “Meningiomas Involving the Anterior Cranial Fossa”ement of Giant Pituitary Tumors”

SATURDAY, January 22nd, 5 pm IST, 7:30 am EST, 1:30 pm CET, 8:30 pm CHINA, 9:30 PM JAPAN

India Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, with three Pillars of Education in India, as well as rest of Neurosurgical World; Atul Goel MD, Chandra Deopujari MD, and Iype Cherian MD.
This week, “Meningiomas Involving the Anterior Cranial Fossa”

See the India Grand Rounds #1, from two weeks ago, for “Management of Giant Pituitary Tumors”, HERE:


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