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NOW, LIVE, LIVE…LIVE…, Neurosurgical TV and EWNS of Egypt collaborate to produce “Brain Stem Approaches” with top Neurosurgeons



5:00 TO 5:30  “Brainstem Neurosurgical Anatomy”, presenting Dr Matias Baldoncini, moderating Professor Kanaan

5:30 to 5:50  “Brainstem Anatomy: Delineated by Finer Dissection”, presented by Dr. Sukhdeep, moderated by Dr. Kanaan

5:50 to 6:10  “Fiber Organization of Brainstem: A Novel Classification and Surgical Implications”, presented by Dr. Abhidha, moderated by Dr. Goel

6:10 to 6:35  “Surgical Approaches and Safe Entry Zones of the Brainstem”, presented by Professor Kaan Yagmurlu, moderated by Dr. Sanjeeva

6:35 to 6:40  “Discussion”

6:40 to 7:05  “Maximizing the Anterior Petrosal Approaches to the Brainstem”, presented by Dr. Liu, moderated by Dr. Goel

7:05:7:10  Discussion

7:10 to 7:35  “Individualized Decisions in Brainstem Surgery”, presented by Dr. Giuseppe Lanzino, moderated by Dr Sanjeeva

7:35 to 7:40  Discussion

7:40 to 8:05  “Surgical Approaches to Brainstem Cavernomas”, presented by Jacques Morcos MD, moderated by Roberto Herrera MD

8:05 to 8:10  Discussion

8:10 to 8:35  “Patient Selection and Surgical Approaches to Brainstem Cavernous Malformations”, presented by Dr. Michael Lawton, moderated by Roberto Herrera MD

8:35 to 8:40  DISCUSSION

8:40 TO 9:05  “Brainstem Tumors in Children”, presented by Dr Schuman, moderated by Dr. Tyvkar Griselda Shybunko

9:05 to 9:20: DISCUSSION for previous talk and whole webcast, thank you!

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