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Juha’s China Neurosurgery Grand Rounds on Summer Hiatus, until Sept 10th

Juha and team are taking a two week Summer Hiatus, until we return Friday, Sept 10th, 8 pm China time, with following line up Sept 10, Miguel Arraez MD, on “Brain Stem Tumors” Sept 17, Ibrahim Sbeih MD, on “Falcotentorial Meningiomas” Sept 24, Peter Vajkoczky MD, on “Pearls and Pitfalls in AVM Surgery” Thanks to our team of Bin, and Takashi, and Woralux, for helping us spread Neurosurgery knowledge to a widespread audience! (as usual, awesome graphic done by Thai Neurosurgeon, Woralux Phusoongern MD, Mousyhouse)


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