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See Lawton/Krisht Third Episode of their 6 Part Series on “Achieving Master in Aneurysm Microneurosurgery” from last Thursday

See the edited 3rd Session to the 6 planned, of Michael Lawton MD and Ali Krisht MD in their theme of “Achieving Mastery in Aneurysm MicroNeurosurgery”

See the FIRST Webcast HERE, of “Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms”

See the SECOND Webcast last week

“Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysyms”

Will be LIVE STREAMED in REAL TIME, with Chinese and Japanese Language Translation, with a China Neurosurgeon, Bin Xu MD, and a Japan Neurosurgeon, Takashi Kon MD

See the China website, HERE:

After Registering, you will receive a confirmatory email about joining the webinar.

Must register, seats limited:

For more info, go


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