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In less than ONE HOUR……..Grand Opening of, Monday at 8 am EST, 5:30 pm IST LIVE, with webcast by Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD

Monday, September 28, 2020, at 5:30 IST, we have a GRAND OPENING, as we launch a sister website,, with a Webinar in Neuroanatomy being produced, in collaboration with the CDW Group of Bangladesh. The series will run every week at 5:30 pm IST every Monday for 20 weeks.


These webinars will be every Monday at same time for 20 weeks, and include lectures by Iype Cherian, Luis Borba, Victor Hugo Perez Perez, Vladamir Benes,, and other notable Neurosurgeons and Neuroanatomists.

See the schedule below:

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