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LIVE, At 5 pm Cairo time, 11 am EST, 8:30 IST, EWNC Academy webinar of Egypt Webcast of “Occipito-Cervical Junction”

Zoom link:

EWNC Academy invites you to share with us our ceremony
In collaboration with Neurosurgical TV
This is final program of EWNC Academy webinar and YouTube link

15:00-15.10 welcome and presentation about EWNC Academy
15:10-15:40 Historical and current perspectives on basilar invagination (Dr Abhidha Shah)
15:40-16:10 Atlantoaxial instability- Types and treatment (Prof. Atul Goel)
16:10-16:40 CDER technique operative video and discussion (Prof. P Sarat Chandra)
16:40:17:10 Innovations for Simplyfying Craniovertebral surgery (Prof. Sushil Patkar )
17:10-17:30 discussion and closing Remarks.

Zoom link:

YouTube link:

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