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Japan Neurosurgery Symposium Thursday 7 pm Japan time, 3:30 pm IST

Thursday, 7 pm Japan time, 5 am EST, or 3:30 pm IST

10 hours from now!

We are televising a Neurosurgery Syumposium, from Japan, under the direction of Yoko Kato MD, in honor of the Fujita Neurofellows Alumni, on Thursday 7 pm Japan time, 5 am EST
3:30 pm IST

ZOOM INFO: To enter panel from desktop/laptop, click on this
link and follow the directions:

From Smartphone, to enter panel, Webinar #165 419 223 after clicking the same link

It will be hosted by Woralux Phusoongern, a Thailand Neurosurgical Resident.

See the 6 presentations done last year, each in a separate video in the Fujita Health Symposium, here


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