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Indian Neurosurgeon talked LIVE ONLINE today about Neurosurgical tools he has created

(To be panelist: from Desktop/Laptop/ click on this link,; from Smartphone, Webinar # 599 066 679)

Today’s talk by Sharma Chand MD,  will be about his inventions like trephine with adjustable dura guard, special scalp retractor, modified Karam Chand Dandy artery forceps, chisels with guard, method of reducing suction pressure, limited incisions, his steps of aneurysm surgery, my operation for Syringomyelia. with Chiari 1.,his method of drainage of chronic subdural can haematoma

Sharma is  a 63 years old common man who worked for more than 31 years as Neurosurgeon after qualifying from AIIMS, in Dec 1986. Earlier he had done my MBBS from HP Medical College Shimla, and MS general surgery from PGI Chandigarh. he joined as Neurosurgeon in central health services, govt of India in September 1987. HeI was head of Neurosurgery at VMMC and Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi since September ,2004.

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